I remember when I was growing up and my mom used to take our dog Quincy to the groomer for a haircut after he started to get shaggy.

When I’d walk in the door after school and see him completely transformed, I would always say, “are you sure you brought the right dog home?”

He kind of looked like Quincy, but something seemed off…and yes, I had these thoughts every single time he went to the groomer for the day.

And that’s what most likely happened with the dogs you’re about to meet here…let’s see what kind of makeovers they received after a day at the groomer.

1. This dog looks like Joey Ramone.

Don’t you see it?!?!

Fired my groomer today from funny

2. Who are you?

Do I know you?

Took doggo to groomer. Got a different doggo back from aww

3. Like a brand-new dog!

Make yourself at home!

My puppers after I adopted him, and after I had him groomed. from Eyebleach

4. Time to shed that puppy coat.

This dog rules.

Oliver, our 8 month Old English Sheepdog (Bobtail) shed his puppy coat at the groomers. I didn’t recognize him at first! from aww

5. Every dog needs a good summer haircut.

You gotta look fresh!

My good boy got his summer haircut from aww

6. A big difference.

Now we can finally see your face!

What a difference a hair cut can make! from aww

7. Well, would you look at that!

He seems pretty happy about it.

Pretty sure we picked up the wrong dog at the groomer’s from aww

8. Before and after.

He seems okay with it.

My dog before and after a haircut from aww

9. This is really something.

I have a feeling this dog lives a life of luxury.

First ever big boy haircut! from aww

10. I love this dynamic duo.

A big difference!

What a difference a hair cut makes! Latest fosters 13 year old “Vileda” and 10 year old “Swiffer” Vets today to get them checked over from aww

11. Listen, you didn’t bring home the wrong dog.

So don’t even worry about it! It’s all good!

Before and after grooming…did we bring home the wrong dog?! from dogpictures

Now we want to meet your best friends!

In the comments, share some pics of your dogs and give us a proper introduction.

Please and thank you! We can’t wait!