People Who Found Creative Ways to Protect Their Christmas Trees from Pets

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If you have a pet, you know the drill: You’re all excited that you bought a Christmas tree. You set it up…

Your dog or cat destroys and/or eats the tree. They throw up all over the house. Christmas is ruined. You and your pet no longer have a good relationship.

Well, those days are gone, my friends. Let the people who took these photos inspire you with their innovative ways of protecting their Christmas trees.

Now you can have a Merry Christmas!

1. Do not enter.

2. Blocked off zone.

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Don’t think Grandma trusts us ?? #dramaticmuch #ohyeoflittlefaith

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3. Locked in a cage…the tree, that is.

4. She’s still eyeing it…

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It's not just dogs that like to tackle the tree!

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5. Way up in the air.

6. Try figuring that one out, cat!

7. A safeguard.

8. Blends right in.

9. Get a load of this.

10. Keeps the babies out, too!

Do you have to do this in your house to keep your dogs and cats away from the tree?

If so, share a pic with us in the comments so we can see how you pet-proof your tree.