15 Good Doggos That Might Just Melt Your Heart



It’s my favorite kind of article that consists of photos and tweets! Dogs! Nothing but dogs!

And not just dogs…GOOD dogs.

Let’s meet these pups, shall we?

1. A great shot!

Cosy girl illuminated by Christmas lights from rarepuppers

2. Pass it on.

Give love, get love from aww

3. Saved each other.

4. Hard at work.

You’re going to hear a little pawp from aww

5. All fired up about swimming.

6. Good job, Dave!

7. This dog is a legend.

8. Hurry up!

9. Howlin’.

10. Awwwwwww.

11. Presidential pup.

Ireland’s President, Michael Higgins, with his hound. from aww

12. They’re cool with it.

These derps got stuck in a storm drain. I don’t think they’re worried. from aww

13. Are you comfortable?

My husband built my dogs a dream dog house from aww

14. I can wait…

Hecking good boy wants a donut from rarepuppers

15. There’s so many!

Mamma with a bunch of beans from rarepuppers

I want all of ’em! All of ’em, I said!

Share a pic of your pooch with us in the comments and tell us all about them.