15 Brutally Funny Tweets About Marriage



Are you married? Are you thinking about getting married?

These tweets might make you want to run for the hills…or think twice about taking the plunge.

I kid, I kid, but these marriage tweets are pretty painful. Painfully funny!

1. That’s a terrible idea.

2. You’re learning.

3. You just opened up a can of worms.

4. I need to get back to this…

5. Yeah. Same. Totally…

6. Never talk to me again.

7. Disaster area.

8. It’s called a “media break.”

9. A real dilemma.

10. There’s a spirit in the house.

11. I’m in love again.

12. You can stay home from now on.

13. You may proceed.

14. Like ice cubes.

15. Can’t wait to do that for 50 years.

Hmmmm, doesn’t marriage just look delightful?

Share your favorite stories/anecdotes/jokes about being married in the comments, please!