At my very first job when I was a teenager, I got sent home on my very first day of work by a manager at the fast-food taco place I worked at.


Because I was told to not leave the cash register by the owner and I asked a fellow employee to go next door to get a roll of quarters…

Sounds weird, right?

The manager who overheard me ask my co-worker to go next door said I was being bossy. Let me reiterate that this was my first day of my first job ever and my co-worker was the same age as me.

This lady was nuts! Long story short, she ended up getting fired about a week later and I worked there for about a year until I got another job.


Take a look at these tweets from people talking about the dumbest reasons they ever got into trouble at work.

1. That’s disrespectful!

This is so weird to me.

2. How rude!

Okay, whatever you say.

3. You did the right thing.

What a jerk.

4. That’s what you get for lying.

Some people…

5. It was totally worth it.

Good job!

6. I’m on my break!

Talk to me about it later…

7. Imagine that.

I guess you need to be more rude?

8. This is a warning.

Better knock it off…

9. Good Lord.

Can’t please everyone. Or anyone…

10. Cut and paste.

What a weirdo!

Have you ever gotten in trouble at work for something dumb?

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