These kinds of stories give me life. Because we can all relate to our parents humiliating us in public at some point in our lives, right?

Of course! That’s part of the job description.

A guy on Twitter started a pretty epic Twitter thread about this very subject that I think all of us can appreciate.

Ohhhh, this is gonna be fun!

1. Your balls!

2. Mom’s humor.

3. A close call.

4. That is pretty weird.

5. I’ll take them off, then.

6. Come on, dad!

7. Straight from the DJ booth.

8. That’s pretty nice.

9. Never having kids.

10. Woooooooo!

11. Helen, it’s time to go home.

12. Hahaha, classic!

13. A dad power move.

14. Stay off the field.

15. Brawling mom.

My lord, those are hilarious.

Now be honest with us…your parents have humiliated you before, right? Let’s keep this train rolling!

Don’t hold back on us now!