I’ve been pretty lucky that most of my landlords have been really awesome.

Except for one. It was my sophomore year of college, and I lived in a total shit-hole apartment with two of my friends. The place was a dump and the landlords (a whole family) were awful.

I can deal with one bad year, though.

And I think I probably had it better than the people who wrote these tweets…

1. Come on in!

2. That sound illegal.

3. Just don’t breathe.

4. That is really bad.

5. Didn’t deal with it.

6. They are desperate.

7. In the middle of winter.

8. Get outta there.

9. Sounds like a nightmare.

10. You’ll be charged for that.

Yikes. Getting stuck with a bad landlord is just the worst.

Have you had any bad experiences like this?

Tell us all about your slumlords in the comments!