I think that people have gone one of two ways during the pandemic when it comes to cooking.

They either embraced it and decided to improve their skills in the kitchen, or they’ve been relying on takeout for the past year.

The people who posted the photos below…well, maybe they should have stuck with takeout, because these are not the prettiest dishes I’ve ever laid my eyes on…

Let’s take a look at some cooking fails that might make you shriek…

1. More like a Christmas blob.

Well, you gave it a shot.

Christmas tree cupcake made by me
byu/summerland85 inExpectationVsReality

2. What am I looking at here?

I have to say…I’m a little bit confused…

I tried to make a stegosaurus sourdough
byu/suspiciousguy inExpectationVsReality

3. I wouldn’t touch that thing if I were you…

Consider yourself warned.

My wife made croissants for breakfast. Nailed it!
byu/NapalmYeti infunny

4. Looks like a hot lava ball.

Be careful with that thing!

I’m no cook but I didn’t expect to screw up a baked potato
byu/mushroomwig inExpectationVsReality

5. I don’t even know what to say about this.

I’d still probably eat it, though…

A fragrant, tomato bisque. Accented with aged, cheddar croutons.
byu/fermatajack inshittyfoodporn

6. This is very sad.

And this is your brain on drugs.

“Please Kill Me”
byu/beroemd inExpectationVsReality

7. Put that thing out of its misery.

It’s enough to make a person cry…

My wife made a dragon cake for her mother’s birthday…
byu/lemurvomitX inExpectationVsReality

8. Are you sure those are what you say they are?

And are you sure that they “tasted divine?”

My Dad said he’d made macarons. Expectation vs reality. Still tasted divine though!
byu/khirolaika inExpectationVsReality

9. A truly horrifying monster.

Get that thing out of your house!

Ordered cake on left, received cake on right.
byu/FotherMucker77 inExpectationVsReality

10. Total nightmare fuel.

You’re really gonna put those in your mouth?

Homemade smiley face fries
byu/glamgroupie inExpectationVsReality

11. You can still eat ’em!

But yes, they look very sad.


12. They’re down for the count.

What a sad, sad scene…

Devilled Egg Chicks
byu/calleduaftermidnight inExpectationVsReality

Those…were not great…and that’s putting it mildly…

So, how about you?

Do you have any cooking fails you’d like to share with the world?

If so, share some pics and stories with us in the comments. Thanks!