We’ve all taken our lumps in terms of insults during our lives.

Some of them hurt, some of them roll right off our backs.

But then there are some insults that are so oddly specific and weird that they can only be meant for one person.

A Twitter user brought up this phenomenon and started a thread.

Here’s the tweet that kicked the festivities off.

Let’s look at the results.

1. Well, that’s not nice.

2. Just one cheek.

3. Too bad about your face…

4. Nothing magical about you.

5. All about you.

6. Wasn’t a big fan.

7. Hahaha. I like this one.

8. A blow to the ego.

9. How dare you eat apples.

10. You’re not a kid anymore.

11. Yikes. That hurts.

12. Gee…thanks a lot.

13. Get a life!

Those insults were quite specific!

Have you ever had someone call you out about something very weird and specific?

If so, tell us about it in the comments, please!