Do you want a Photoshop expert to make a picture of yours look much better? Maybe someone walked into the frame at the wrong moment. Maybe there’s some weirdo in the background.

Whatever the case, you probably SHOULD NOT get in touch with this guy.

This genius is named James Fridman. He takes photos that people send into him and makes them much, much worse. And it’s all done in hilarious fashion.

Let’s take a look at his work!

1. There you go!

2. Nailed it.

3. Is that what you were looking for?

4. That is very romantic.

5. That is perfect.

6. Hahahaha. Zing!

7. Your new girlfriend.

8. That is brilliant.

9. All the ducks you need.

10. They’re all gone.

11. That’s kind of disturbing.

12. This might be my favorite.

I love this guy’s work! Hilarious!

What do you think? Would you send your photos to this guy for a retouch?

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