I learned two major things from looking at these photos: one is that I can’t wait to travel again, and the second thing is that my house is a dump.

Okay, it’s really not a DUMP, but after looking at these beautiful rooms, I think I need to step up my design game in a major way so my house can be a little more aesthetically pleasing.

Yes, that means my Jason Priestley poster from 1992 will be coming down from over the fireplace. Even though I’m not happy about it, it must be done…

Anyway, are you ready to see some amazingly beautiful rooms? Let’s take a look.

1. Take it all in, folks.

Doesn’t get much better than that.

Tall living room with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the mountains of Aspen, Colorado [2000×2217] from RoomPorn

2. How cool is this?

I’d love to call this place home.

Lofted brick and timber living room in a West Loop, Chicago apartment [3600 x 2400] from RoomPorn

3. Nice and cozy.

I love those floors. So cool.

Bedroom in Kozyn, Ukraine. Designed by Sergey Makhno. [1200×857] from RoomPorn

4. This might be my dream room.

It’s got everything. Books, fresh air, and cats!

Massive double height living room with a mezzanine library opening up to the gardens, São Paulo, Brazil [2364×2854] from RoomPorn

5. Very old-fashioned and very English.

Take a step back in time.

Leaded glass stairwell in a refurbished English country house [1200×1600] from RoomPorn

6. This is very impressive.

I love old lofts like this.

My sister’s first apartment, a refurbished loft from 1889 in Jackson, Michigan. Lots of natural light and exposed brick walls [2592 x 1944] [OC] from RoomPorn

7. This is pretty insane.

Never seen anything like this before. Have you?

Renovated guest cabin with organic curves using wood in a mountain resort, Trikala, Corinthia, Peloponnese, Greece [2000×1333] from RoomPorn

8. A minimalistic treasure.

Also, that very ain’t bad at all.

The minimalistic master bedroom of our superadobe dome home in Nicaragua [OC] [5760×3840] from RoomPorn

9. I could stay here a while…

Anybody want to go with me?

Birdbox in Norway (by Studio Livit) [1000×507] from RoomPorn

10. This is absolutely breathtaking.

This place has it all.

Even in the Colorado Rockies, residences with views like this of alpine waterfalls are vanishingly rare. [3000×1996] from RoomPorn

11. Wow. What a gem.

Look at all the detail!

Attic guest bedroom in a century old Colonial–style building, Mumbai, India [1667×2284] from RoomPorn

12. I love this one, too.

A cool industrial loft.

Industrial Loft / Loft Buro – Kiev [1410×1000] from RoomPorn

Now those are really something!

What are some of the most impressive rooms or homes that you’ve ever seen?

Share some pics with us in the comments!