Have you ever posted something on social media that caused a lot of people to give you a hard time?

Hey, don’t beat yourself up about it.

It happens to the best of us from time to time…

And today we want you to enjoy these examples of OTHER people getting grief from a tweet they sent out.

Let’s see what happened…

And away we go!!!

Uh oh…

Big mistake!

Classist and ableist.

A double dose of insults!

Maybe you shouldn’t have been out partying?

Just a thought…

I think this is probably true.

Also, his audience maybe needs to get a life…

Don’t say that to me.

We’re not friends.

You insulted her daddy.

Now you’re in trouble…

Hahaha. Wow.

This is funny.

To the moon!

Now you’re in trouble.

I’d probably watch it.

But I could see how some folks would be offended.

Have you ever gotten any backlash on Twitter?

If so, share your stories with us in the comments.

Thanks a lot!