As a horror movie fanatic, I approve of this fun game!

Here’s what you do: type “in a horror movie, my character dies when” and then the predictive keyboard text will let you know how you’re going to meet your untimely demise.

Mine said, “in a horror movie, my character dies when hot.”

Must’ve been quite an inferno.

Let’s see what kind of results people received.

1. Big mistake!

2. Better hide inside.

3. A lot of people are in trouble.

4. Uh oh…

5. Just like Psycho.

6. Not a chance…

7. That’s pretty specific.

8. That little f**ker…

9. Avoid the gym.

10. Don’t go in there!

11. Bad end to the day.

12. Probably shouldn’t get sick.

13. Just a little fussy.

14. Deadly friend.

Wasn’t that fun?

I sure enjoyed it!

Now it’s your turn!

Tell us how yours turned out in the comments!