Let’s not beat around the bush: the 2010s gave us some truly awful slang that we had to deal with on an almost-daily basis. Words or phrases that entered our lexicon and now won’t leave even though we desperately want them to.

You know what I’m talking about, right?

Let’s dive into the worst slang that we had to deal with during the 2010s.

1. Yes, we know you did.

2. Ugh. Enough of this.

3. Sup, my brosef?

4. I’m currently feeling all the feels.

5. Both of these can go away. Forever.

6. Just say “amazing”, please.

7. Dank nugs, bro.

8. That is not on fleek, my friend.

9. I’m. Not. A. Fan. Of. This.

10. Don’t @ me.

11. Everyone has about 10 spirit animals.

12. Yeah, kinda over this one.

13. Let’s retire it.

14. About the most unexciting things…

15. You’re still gonna see a lot of this.

Now, we know that you have opinions about this topic.

Tell us what your LEAST FAVORITE slang from the 2010s was…let’s start the debate.