People Share What Their Dog’s Dating Profiles Would Look Like


Don’t tell me you haven’t thought about this before…don’t even think about starting with me!

What am I talking about, you’re wondering?

I’m referring to what your dog’s profile would look like on a dating website. You’re really gonna sit there and tell me you haven’t considered what you’d put on there? I bet some of you have even gone so far as to make up a mock profile already.

Listen, I’m here to tell you that it’s okay and that you’re not alone. These people are all thinking the exact same thing. So let’s check it out!

1. She’s new to this whole thing.

But I think she’ll be just fine.

2. That is a handsome lad.

Quite a dapper dog!

3. A real gentleman.

Oh, Buddy, you’re gonna get a lot of dates.

4. A special dog.

We wish you luck!

5. What do you think of Milo?

Let’s get the lowdown.

6. Loves to eat!

What else do you really need?

7. Used to be a little bit slimmer.

But still a handsome beast.

8. How can you resist her?!?!

Just a country girl at heart.

9. Looking for love.

Hopefully in all the RIGHT places.

10. Might have some baggage.

But still, pretty cute…

11. Nice and simple.

That’s all he’s looking for.

12. No false advertising.

Let’s be honest…

13. Meet Walter.

Get to know him!

Those are great!

Okay, now it’s your turn.

In the comments, tell us what you think YOUR dog’s dating profile would look like.

We can’t wait to hear from you! Thanks!