As a self-professed metalhead, I have to admit that even I find these album covers with googly eyes to be pretty funny.

Yes, metal is usually supposed to be pretty evil and it is supposed to make people uncomfortable…but do we need to be so serious all the time?

Heck no!

You can still be a headbanger AND have a good sense of humor at the same time!

So let’s check out these heavy metal albums that have been “defaced” with googly eyes to give them more of a goofy, gentle feel. Enjoy!

1. Children of Sodom.

Just not as creepy as it used to be.

Photo Credit: Nuclear Blast

2. Please check out the name of this album.

I need to start listening to this band ASAP.

Photo Credit: Napalm Records

3. A new take on an old classic.

Fear of the dark…

Photo Credit: EMI

4. Definitely had this tape as a kid.

But his eyes look different…

Photo Credit: Megaforce

5. This band would not be happy about this.

That’s just a hunch…

Photo Credit: EastWest

6. Descending the mountain of HELL…

That also has googly eyes.

Photo Credit: Nuclear Blast

7. Now THIS is a great album.

With an updated cover.

Photo Credit: Capitol

8. All bow down to Sepultura.

Are you ready to get REALLY heavy?

Photo Credit: Roadrunner

9. Hahahaha. Wow…this one…

Would you be afraid of this creature?

Photo Credit: SPV

10. An underrated metal band.

Something seems a little bit off here…

Photo Credit: Roadrunner

11. Yes! A classic.

I always loved this cover. Now? Not so much.

Photo Credit: Metal Blade

12. More from the Maiden legends.

Eddie definitely does not look the same.

Photo Credit: EMI

13. Rust In Peace.

This is epic.

Photo Credit: Capitol

How about you?

Are you a metalhead?

If so, tell us what some of your favorite heavy metal albums are in the comments.

Thanks a lot! And remember…BANG YOUR HEAD!