Celebrities are the best among us, and as such deserve our worship. But celebrities are people, too. If you’re a Ryan Reynolds or an Emma Stone or a Treat Williams, having to always look beautiful and be on your game has gotta be exhausting. Sometimes you just want to run to the corner store in your sweatpants to buy a bag of chips.

In that spirit, journalist and filmmaker Michael Segalov asked his Twitter followers to share their weirdest celebrity encounters. To kick things off he started with a run-in of his own.

Photo Credit: @MikeSegalov

Imagine clinging to a mechanical bull for dear life, then suddenly locking eyes with Wolverine. Pretty weird!

His followers replied with lots of strange celebrity encounters of their own. Turns out celebrities are just like us, i.e. awkward slobs.



1. (Ron Howard voice) “He was not excused.”

Photo Credit: @robindyke

2. Close call.

Photo Credit: @babushkagurl666

3. Russia declares war on Bieber Nation.

Photo Credit: @BraveTheWorld

4. Is Bjork Swedish for “moocher”?

Photo Credit: @sonofthechief2

5. Someone was off in La-La Land.

Photo Credit: @CidStoll

6. That’s the best possible ending for a story that began with, “On the way to the bathroom.”

Photo Credit: @MsTessMcGill

7. Coulda been a millionaire, Travis.

Photo Credit: @TravisEGates

8. Picky eaters are universal.

Photo Credit: @selashiloni

9. He just appeared out of thin air, like a genie that loves classic rock.

Photo Credit: @HooteyOwl

10. Tip: don’t compliment a celebrity if there’s another celebrity around.

Photo Credit: @PeteAbe

11. Just a typical night at Prince’s house.

Photo Credit: @questlove

12. Maybe Voldemort is so pale because he doesn’t get enough potassium.

Photo Credit: @lulukeanwould

13. Even a legendary beat poet gets the late-night munchies.

Photo Credit: @MJMcKean

14. You ol’ scoundrel.

Photo Credit: @LizVassey

15. Yeah, not too surprised about the sandals part tbh.

Photo Credit: @codeinedrums



h/t: Bloomjoy Collective