Everybody has pet peeves, annoyances that always get under you skin no matter what mood you’re in. But the problem with a pet peeve is that it’s petty–in other words, the irritation is small enough that you might question whether it’s even worth getting angry about. Sometimes, what’s endlessly aggravating to you might seem perfectly reasonable to lots of other people. If you complain about it, you risk looking like a jerk.

Well not today! Recently, writer Alex Segura asked people to share their pettiest pet peeves on Twitter. People had a lot of pet peeves, and here are 15 of the best responses. So go ahead and indulge your inner Larry David. This is a pet peeve safe space.


1. This should be a fineable offense.

Photo Credit: @pengshepherd

2. And this should be a felony.

Photo Credit: @Emmasoneliners

3. Honestly, we could do a whole list just about grammar.

Photo Credit: @YEPBusiness

4. OK, here’s one more: preposterous apostrophe use.

Photo Credit: @MegGardiner1

5. No respect for reading.

Photo Credit: @blitherbabble

6. Shopping cart chaos.

Photo Credit: @TheJoshAtkins

7. Wait, you don’t want me to track dog poo everywhere?

Photo Credit: @ambernoelle

8. Basic question etiquette.

Photo Credit: @reverenderyk

9. Ungrateful drivers.

Photo Credit: @Kristin_780

10. It’s a zipper, people. A ZIPPER!!!

Photo Credit: @Xander_P

11. The unnecessary check-in.

Photo Credit: @alex_segura

12. Grrrrr.

Photo Credit: @deserthethen

13. Schools shouldn’t just teach Driver’s Ed. They should also teach Walker’s Ed.

Photo Credit: @PopArgot

14. Communication breakdown.

Photo Credit: @macpherson_a

15. As an Internet writer, I just can’t relate to this one. At all. Nope. No siree Bob. (Cries.)

Photo Credit: @mattzollerseitz



h/t: Bloomjoy Collective