In a relationship, there are lots of ways to show your love. There are the big, dramatic moments that test the bond between two people–a major illness, a personal tragedy, a professional setback, you name it. Life has no shortage of challenges to test a relationship, but if you can be there for your partner, you’re on the right track.

And then there are the smaller, everyday ways to show your love. These are little gestures that not only show your partner that you’re thinking about them, but also that you know them better than anyone else. Maybe you make them a cup of coffee before they get out of bed, because you know they like waking up to one. Or maybe you always drive to the grocery store, because you know your partner hates driving. Gestures like these might be small, but they’re just as important to the health of a relationship as the big stuff.

Recently, Metro UK lifestyle reporter Hattie Gladwell asked the people of Twitter to share “The one thing their your does that’s not necessarily romantic, but makes you love them even more.” For her own example, Gladwell’s partner runs her a bath every night without asking and puts the kettle on in the morning. Read below to see what other people had to say!

1. The considerate wake-up

Photo Credit: @sarasheridan

2. Meal synching

Photo Credit: @HEvMed3

3. Tea time

Photo Credit: @GhenetActually

4. Music therapy

Photo Credit: @ncmmorris

5. Reading the signals

Photo Credit: @CrohnieClothing

6. Biggest fan

Photo Credit: @valcuit

7. Sleep wingman

Photo Credit: @CLAficionado

8. The hairdresser

Photo Credit: @itskatearmitage

9. Learning from the pros

Photo Credit: @sarinahoskins

10. Sometimes, the gesture can be as small as not taking your partner for granted.

Photo Credit: @EllundIda

11. Foot rubs, on demand

Photo Credit: @savalentine

12. Red eye

Photo Credit: @mapofmymuse

13. The human Waze

Photo Credit: @MrsAriLoba

14. Now that’s a keeper.

Photo Credit: @owlsandstags

15. Don’t worry, single people. We didn’t forget you.

Photo Credit: @AshikaRehana


h/t: Buzzfeed