It seems like these days we can’t agree on much. It’s an increasingly divisive time, worryingly so considering the massive challenges we face which certainly won’t be overcome without some common ground and cooperation.

So, to bring us together again, perhaps we can at least agree that some things in this world just…shouldn’t exist.

Let’s start with the ones on this list, then move on to instilling world peace, eh? Take it away, Twitter.

10. Aspic

This may sound prejudicial but I’m gonna go ahead and guess this started with the Brits.

9. These Sauces

I object, actually. The Filet-O-Fish can go, but Big Mac sauce is delicious.

8. Spicy Jellybeans

Who thought this was a good idea?

7. Bug Snacks

If you’re eating these, I just want you to know there are healthier ways to ask for attention.

6. Crocs

Put as many cutesy stickers on ’em as you want, they’re still awful looking.

5. Sour Altoids

Why must we play God in this way?

4. Pineapple on Pizza

It takes some truly innovative shenanigans to make PIZZA bad.

3. White Colored Pencils

Is this an art tool or some kind of prank?

2. Picnic Pants

Do you want ants in your pants?
Because this is how you get ants in your pants.

1. Diet Water

Technically it has half the calories of regular water.
It also technically has double the calories.
That’s how the number 0 works.

I don’t know how these things came to be, but maybe by collectively hating them hard enough, we can bond together as a people again.

What thing do you think shouldn’t exist?

Tell us in the comments.