Even the most diehard movie goer would have to admit that movies get things wrong. Quite often, in fact! Sometimes, you only notice these movie plot holes after the fact. Like when you’re just getting home from the theater and realize the bad guy’s evil plan was entirely based on several unlikely coincidences. There’s even a name for this phenomenon: “refrigerator logic.” Other times, a movie goof is so obvious and ridiculous that you laugh out loud right in the theater. Like the notorious “Nerdy girl just has to take off her glasses to become a 10” trope.

We can all name a few of our favorite movie plot holes. And when Twitter user @jazz_inmypants asked his followers to name their favorite movie errors…

…they had lots of responses. Here are 15 of the funniest below! (via Bored Panda)



1. There’s something off about that nurse.

2. The Santa conundrum.

3. Yeah, that wouldn’t fly today.

4. Fiction’s worst parents since Hansel & Gretel’s dad.

5. Nothing gets by a mythology nerd.

6. Asinine accents.

7. Jason Voorhees: first you die, then you hit puberty.

8. Few movies ever get texting right.

9. Maybe the bookstore owner is secretly a billionaire?

10. Apparently the jungle has a CVS.

11. Grandpa Joe: freeloading faker!

12. Thank you for choosing Middle Earth Airlines.

13. You can always count on Mongolian Uber drivers.

14. Honestly, that’s not even in the top 15 most problematic things about Grease.

15. Wait, are you saying Weekend at Bernies is unrealistic?!?!?!



h/t: Bored Panda