The modern Internet is pretty much entirely built on social media accounts for cute pets. If the likes of Doug the Pug or Winston the Corgi were to suddenly stop posting, the Internet, and by extension the global economy would grind to a halt.

But if you’ve ever followed one of these pet accounts, maybe you’ve felt like the dog or cat in question is a little too cute. Sure, pets all have their cute moments, but nobody, animal or human, looks that good that often. Sometimes, you want less adorable and more realistic. And that’s why @baby_b0nes asked her Twitter followers to share the less-than-flattering photos of their animal pals. She started it off with a photo of her own dog, with whom the camera has yet to fall in love:

People responded with tons of their own unflattering pet photos. If you’re looking for the antidote to Instagram cuteness, look no further! (via Bored Panda)

1. The horror…the horror…

Photo Credit: natalied4ea21828a

2. One, two, three: smile!

3. He’s a mutt: part German shepherd, part cow.

4. It’s not just dogs; all pets can be derpy.

Photo Credit: Amber Ashley

5. Someone’s been hitting the cat nip pretty hard.

Photo Credit: talentedkatz

6. Cake coma.

7. You got something on your face.

Photo Credit: Halee Wilson

8. Dare to be bare.

Photo Credit: @spookylilpeach

9. The taste test.

10. Bread head.

Photo Credit: @GallagherAvery

11. When your best angle is “no angle.”

Photo Credit: @whaojackie

12. Resting wolf face.

13. Chewbacca’s way less successful cousin, Phil.

Photo Credit: Marie Kemp

14. Bad fur day.

15. Stanley will be your best friend.

Photo Credit: @camicuffari



h/t: Bored Panda