It’s happened to everyone who’s gone to the movies. You’re enjoying the latest blockbuster, when all of a sudden something happens that feels familiar, and not in a good way. Moviemakers have been recycling the same ideas since movies began, and it can be so distracting you’re taken completely out of the movie.

Recently, linguistics professor Rory Turnbull Tweeted an example of a cliché he’s sick of seeing. You’ve seen it countless times.

Photo Credit: @_roryturnbull

Turnbull’s Tweet prompted his followers to share their own least-favorite movie clichés. You’ll definitely recognize them if you’ve ever been to the movies. (via Bored Panda)


1. Only single people survive.

Photo Credit: @Gedsjeep

2. Not what writing is like, at all.

Photo Credit: @Ceilidhann

3. This cliché needs to be retired ASAP.

Photo Credit: @DarrylGibney

4. Every Mom is Martha Stewart on steroids.

Photo Credit: @theshrillest

5. Pretty much every teacher movie.

Photo Credit: @Sabrewulfe

6. That’s not how video works.

Photo Credit: @BlackWyvernArts

7. Taxi!

Photo Credit: @simcdermid

8. We got a bogey!

Photo Credit: @nikvande

9. Welcome to “Earth”

Photo Credit: @maysee_ven

10. Eiffull of it.

Photo Credit: @rimeswithcya

11. Every sitcom ever.

Photo Credit: @GinaMChen

12. Computer hacking doesn’t have to be hacky.

Photo Credit: @Chrishollis11

13. Basically, everything about childbirth is wrong.

Photo Credit: @mslaurasawesome

14. Gotta look glamorous when you’re plating e Coli.

Photo Credit: @dreaminofspace

15. Has anyone in Hollywood actually been to a hospital?

Photo Credit: @mgilmore8



h/t: Bored Panda