It’s gotta be tough going through life with a name that makes people laugh. Like being a urologist named “Dr. Richard Burns.” Brutal. The first question people usually ask when they hear a name like that is, “What were their parents thinking?” Do parents really fail to realize their baby’s name has a hilarious alternate meaning? Or does their love of the name supersede any concerns about its hilarity? Or are these parents just sadists? Your guess is as good as mine.

What we do know is that lots of people have funny names. Earlier this month, Twitter user @Fred_Delicious asked his followers to share the most ridiculous names they’ve encountered in real life. He kicked things off with an example of his own:


Photo Credit: @Fred_Delicious

Ouch. Imagine going through life never being able to ask for talcum powder without cracking everyone up.

Mr. Delicious’s followers had plenty of responses, and they were even funnier than that one. Enjoy!


1. Did their parents even try?!

Photo Credit: @MinnDB

2. Please, my father is “Mr. Wiggins.” You can just call me “Mister.”

Photo Credit: @kthorjensen

3. You won’t be able to put her down.

Photo Credit: @janiesgottapun_

4. This is also the name of the next Parliament Funkadelic album.

Photo Credit: @itsphilsaunders

5. This mustard doesn’t play by the rules.

Photo Credit: @badtweetist

6. Kinda sounds like a country song.

Photo Credit: @5oh19

7. If you need to get rid of your Hamjacks, consider Goodwill.

Photo Credit: @chrismcfeely

8. You’re on the highway to the danger zone, pard’ner.

Photo Credit: @kellyoleksak

9. Hewwo, I’m hewe to fix your pwumbing.

Photo Credit: @astlebridge

10. Because Tweedledee and Tweedledum were taken?

Photo Credit: @KevinKimmel

11. Is his first name pronounced “Roossell?”

Photo Credit: @PixelGuff

12. At least his name’s not Burger King?

Photo Credit: @OctopusCaveman

13. Which movie do you like better, Man Bat Begins, or The Knight Dark?

Photo Credit: @mrsbiltawulf

14. Worst adult movie detective ever.

Photo Credit: @hootzpeterson

15. And we have a winner!

Photo Credit: @me_db



h/t: Bloomjoy Collective