It’s no fun to get an injury like a broken arm or a sprained ankle. It hurst, obviously, and then your whole life is disrupted while you heal. But you know what’s worse than getting injured? Getting injured in a really stupid way. And not a funny-stupid way, like getting 2nd degree burns from lighting a fart. I mean basic, embarrassing, “how could you possibly do that” kind of stupid. Like, burning yourself by ironing your pants while you’re still wearing them stupid.

Twitter user and author Eleanor Perry encouraged her followers to share their most embarrassing injury stories–not just because it’s hilarious, but also because it says a lot about you.

Photo Credit: @eleanorkpenny

Read below and see what her followers shared. Maybe you won’t feel too bad about the time you threw out your back while twerking.


1. Achieving the impossible

Photo Credit: @JinxIsACat

2. Paging Alanis Morisette

Photo Credit: @SoHoSparrow

3. Boxing with yourself

Photo Credit: @eddyrose13

4. Not-So-Wise Men

Photo Credit: @sianyontheradio

5. Mr. and Mrs. Klutz

Photo Credit: @soapachu

6. Never take your eye off the door.

Photo Credit: @_Lilysea

7. Wrong hand

Photo Credit: @rider45

8. It can sneak up on you.

Photo Credit: @Slackandproud

9. Patience, young grasshopper.

Photo Credit: @colinrosenthal

10. I vant…to go…to the hospital.

Photo Credit: @mossdogmusic

11. The trifecta

Photo Credit: @julieprunes

12. A beloved childhood pastime goes kaput.

Photo Credit: @laurenbowes

13. That sucks

Photo Credit: @DrChristineMann

14. It’s even worse when there’s a witness.

Photo Credit: @EzekielMajors

15. Enough said

Photo Credit: @MrTwelvetrees



h/t: Buzzfeed