We’re taught from an early age never to lie, but in reality, sometimes it’s necessary. No, we’re not saying everyone should start lying all the time, but sometimes it really is the best option. Like when you need to protect someone’s feelings. Or, when you want to buy beer while being a freshman in college.

Recently, author Nicole Cliffe asked her Twitter followers to share their own stories of lying for personal gain. To kick things off, she shared a lie she told her then-boyfriend, to get them to move in with each other.

Photo Credit: @Nicole_Cliffe

See? Sometimes lying is fine! Cliffe’s lie clearly worked out for the best, as she later married Steve. And at the time, it was an effective way to test her relationship without having to expose her true feelings.

In response, Cliffe’s fans had many stories of lying for personal gain. Even if you’re adamantly anti-lying, it’s still fun to read about what people are willing to lie for, how they lied, and sometimes, how they got caught. (via Bored Panda).


1. The asteroid came back to finish the job.

Photo Credit: @margaretmharv

2. Want anything from Dunkin’ Bagels?

Photo Credit: @mominiquematti

3. F for punctuality, A+ for problem solving.

Photo Credit: @eskimojo

4. This seems crazy…unless you’ve lived in a dorm.

Photo Credit: @AlixEHarrow

5. Saint George of Michael.

Photo Credit: @jherques

6. Catch Me If You Can, for bankers.

Photo Credit: @MaggieAstor

7. “I won’t be in class tomorrow. I’m observing Garry Shandling’s Birthday.”

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Photo Credit: @larimah 

9. Jesus loves an entrepreneur.

Photo Credit: @mlockwoodporter

10. Just need 41 people to die, and I’m set for life.

Photo Credit: @thexmasprince

11. This is basically having a cheat code for high school.

Photo Credit: @MelodyRules_

12. It’s nice to be wanted.

Photo Credit: @maretorliss

13. Never drink and teach.

Photo Credit: @anastywoman

14. It’s all fun and games ’til everyone gets berry poisoning.

Photo Credit: @mathewi

15. Sometimes, you gotta lie about lying.

Photo Credit: @mackenziewalton



h/t: Bored Panda