Remember your teenage years? Depending on when you grew up, you could’ve taken on any number of appalling looks and precocious personalities.

Perhaps you were a goth. Or a punk. Or a metalhead. Preppy, emo, VSCO…the possibilities were (and are) endless!

And, thanks to the magic of photography, a lot of the photos from those years are still floating around. These folks were nice (and brave) enough to share their own photos of those cringe-worthy high school years…let’s take a look.

1. Edgy AF.

[deleted by user]
by inblunderyears

2. Take it all in…

3. Mallrats.

4. We’re starting a band…

5. Hawaiian shirt phase.

6. Deep and introspective.

7. Look out, ladies!

8. Pink Razor for the win!

9. Photoshopped with Britney Spears.

10. Spiked collars.

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11. A lot going on here.

12. The headgear game is strong.

13. A disciple of Korn.

14. Two belts?

15. Metalheads!

Oh boy, that was a painful trip down memory lane.

Do you have any pics like this from your teenage years?

Please, please, please share them in the comments with us!