Remember your teenage years? Depending on when you grew up, you could’ve taken on any number of appalling looks and precocious personalities.

Perhaps you were a goth. Or a punk. Or a metalhead. Preppy, emo, VSCO…the possibilities were (and are) endless!

And, thanks to the magic of photography, a lot of the photos from those years are still floating around. These folks were nice (and brave) enough to share their own photos of those cringe-worthy high school years…let’s take a look.

1. Edgy AF.

So edgy, 14 year old me rocking 3D glasses with the lenses poked out and horizontal bangs. from blunderyears

2. Take it all in…

3. Mallrats.

4. We’re starting a band…

5. Hawaiian shirt phase.

6. Deep and introspective.

7. Look out, ladies!

8. Pink Razor for the win!

9. Photoshopped with Britney Spears.

10. Spiked collars.

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11. A lot going on here.

12. The headgear game is strong.

13. A disciple of Korn.

14. Two belts?

15. Metalheads!

Oh boy, that was a painful trip down memory lane.

Do you have any pics like this from your teenage years?

Please, please, please share them in the comments with us!