Let’s be clear: therapy is good for everyone. Even if you think that you’re the most well-adjusted, smartest, happiest person on the planet, it would still do you some good to go talk to a complete stranger about your issues…because we all have ’em.

So, in the spirit of that, let’s look at some funny tweets about getting some good, old-fashioned counseling!

1. Come on in!

2. Might want to change course.

3. It’s not?

4. Oh shit!

5. Don’t do it…

6. Here, here.

7. Can I see your notes?

8. Oh…

9. Never a good thing.

10. Who? Me?

11. That’s a lot to think about.

12. Judging you.

13. Think about that one…

14. Don’t be too honest.

15. Hahahahaha.

Now, don’t you feel just a little bit better…?