I guess we all question our career choices and what path we’re on every once in a while. It’s only natural to think about what might have been if we’d made different choices.

A funny meme about someone’s father giving them a hard time when a doctor is needed on a plane caused a bunch of people to poke fun of themselves and their professions.

These are pretty funny. Enjoy.

1. Thanks a lot, dad…

2. Let’s follow up on this.

3. Even Tony Hawk can’t escape it.

4. Go throw some t-shirts.

5. What can your “influencer” status do now?

6. UPS driver gets burned.

7. Interpretive dancing doesn’t save lives.

8. YA authors don’t get any love.

9. Dad is relentless.

10. Not gonna help you now, son…

What do you think of your career choice?

Even if you love it, roast yourself a little bit in the comments! Let’s see what ya got!