15 Funny Things That Kids Shared With The World



We all know that kids have no filter – they say and do what they want, when they want.

And because people like these folks on Twitter share these interactions, we’re all the better for it!

Here are some truly funny things that kids did last year.


1. I think he nailed it.

2. I would’ve cried, too.

3. Can’t win with this one.

4. Camp is really bad.

5. That’s a huge step forward.

6. Now you’re in for it.

7. “You better pick me up!”

8. No response to that line.

9. That’s kind of amazing.

10. Just do your best.

11. That’s commitment.

12. Ugh! Gross!

13. You better get that kid some spaghetti.

14. That means you better share.

15. Pride Cheerios.

Did your adorable little monsters do or say anything totally hilarious or outrageous last year?

Tell us all about it in the comments, please!