Oh, I know my worst job screw-up at a job, no question about it!

It happened in Chicago in 2002. I was working as a production assistant on a commercial and I had to do “returns” all day, meaning that I had to bring back equipment that was rented from different business and production houses for this particular shoot.

Now, most days like this you’d be partnered with another PA so the returns would go smoothly but on this particular day I had to do it all by myself and the amount of shit to return was INSANE.

And I had to do it all in a huge box truck, navigating the busy streets of Chicago. I had only lived there a couple of months at this point, so I wasn’t super familiar with the city yet and this was before the days of GPS. On top of that, the producer kept calling me every 30 minutes or so telling me to hurry up and I needed to go faster.

These days, I would’ve told him to…well, you know, but I was young, new in town, and I wanted to make a good impression. So I was totally frazzled. I ended up taking a corner too sharply in the truck late in the day and I hit another vehicle and tore the bumper off of it.

I felt horrible, I got yelled at by a few different people, and I never worked for that company again. Oh, well! You live and you learn!

Now let’s hear from some folks on Twitter about their biggest screw-ups at work.

1. That’s called commitment.

I couldn’t have kept this up.

2. Uh oh!

That was a big mistake!

3. You got scammed.

Did you learn your lesson?

4. Still here.

How did that get printed?

5. Don’t do acid at work.

Especially at a restaurant!

6. At least it was your last night.

But still…that’s pretty bad…

7. Always make sure you hang up.

Double check!

8. Those are both pretty epic.

Making waves in the world.

9. Not a good memory for the family.

Welp, you ruined their lives!

10. A costly mistake.

Probably didn’t last long at that job.

11. Gone in 60 seconds.

That took no time at all!

Okay, we know it hurts, but now we want to hear about YOUR biggest job screw-ups.

Tell us all about it in the comments.

Thanks in advance!