There are little, everyday mistakes we make at our jobs, and then there are MASSIVE screw-ups that make us hang our heads in shame.

I’m talking about the fails that you think about before you go to sleep at night and you just get disgusted with yourself.

Hey, we all have them, so why deny it, right?

Enjoy these stories from folks on Twitter and remember, you’re not alone in your misery!

1. Now the baby is a redhead.

Just go with it!

2. Here’s the story…

And it’s not a good one…

3. He’s dead now…

A major fail.

4. Ugh! Disgusting!

That is way over the line.

5. Oh shit!

That’s really bad.

6. This is incredible.

I LOL’d at this story.

7. Bad word choice.

You blew it!

8. Whoops! Sorry…

I bet that wasn’t received very well.

9. Don’t bring this up again.

Not a good way to make your point.

10. Didn’t end well.

Nowhere to go.

11. Next time, don’t say anything.

Just keep your trap shut!

12. Oh man, that escalated.

It was your first day, though…

13. That’s a real skill.

You should have politely declined.

Now it’s your turn!

In the comments, please tell us about your biggest work fails.

We promise we won’t judge you too much…