The older I get, the more I don’t understand ANYTHING. And here’s another “trend” I can add to that list.

People on Instagram want attention, likes, and followers for any reason. ANY REASON.

Here’s a trend you might not have seen coming: people covering their tongues with glitter. Hey, whatever works, right?

Here are the pics that prove humanity is headed in the wrong direction.

1. Kind of disturbing.

2. The whole get-up.

3. Guys like it, too!

4. She looks concerned about it.

5. Don’t vomit, please.

6. How does it taste?

7. A close-up you can’t unsee.

8. He seems okay with it.

9. Blue for days.

10. Kind of Bowie-esque.

11. Okay, that’s terrifying.

Hmmm. Not sure I can wrap my head around this one…what’s the point?

What do you think?

Dumb? Weird? Cool?

Is it art?

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