What do dogs really want out of life?

A warm place to sleep, food and water…and mud, of course! TONS OF MUD!

You’ve never seen pure joy unless you’ve seen a pup splashing around in a mud puddle before. The bath after the madness…most of them are not too happy with that.

Here are a bunch of pooches who definitely had a good time gettin’ dirty.

1. Muddy pup.

2. Looks pretty happy to me.

3. Get a load of that coat.

4. Are you ashamed?

5. What did I do?

6. Extreme close-up.

7. Okay, I can take a bath now.

8. Doesn’t seem phased by it.

9. A wise (and muddy) old man.

10. Time for a mud bath.

11. Might need two showers.

12. Just let him run free.

Cute…and definitely filthy.

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