People Notice Penis Statues At Olympics

Photo Credit: NBC Olympics

If we were to give out a gold medal for Olympic-related weirdness, it would probably have to go to Wenlock and Mandeville, the two mascots from the 2012 London Games, who look like the nightmare of a stressed out Pixar animator:

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

But now, the 2018 Pyeongchang games have given those two a formidable challenger: a series of “penis statues” that can be seen outside the Olympic Village. And no, this isn’t one of those instances where the statues just look like penises. We’re talking the real deal:

Photo Credit: Paper


The three statues are named “Bullet Man,” (Because “Dong Statues” was taken?), and they’ve stood in this spot since 2009. They are the creation of South Korean artist Kim Ji-Hyun, who said the statues represent the “human desire for a wonderful body, wealth, and honor in concrete images.” Because haven’t we all wanted a six pack and our head to be chopped off and replaced with a giant, silver phallus?

If you’re confused at this point, at least you’re not alone. The statues have gone viral on social media under the hashtag“モルゲッソヨ”, a Japanese spelling of a Korean phrase that roughly translates to “I don’t know.”

It should surprise no one to learn that people have been making their very own Bullet Man art. For instance, there’s Bullet Man cosplay.

Bullet Man origami.

You can enjoy a Bullet Man latte.

Bullet Man Photoshops.

Bullet Man Pokemon.

Bullet Man crochet.

Bullet Man Lego.

And Bullet Man…whatever the hell this is.


So far, the organizers of the Pyeongchang games have refused to explain why Bullet Man was chosen for the Olympic Village. Maybe it’s just their way of symbolizing how the Olympics is basically a nonstop orgy.


h/t: Someecards