If you’re single and would prefer not to be, Valentine’s Day is pretty much the worst day ever, for reasons that should be obvious to everyone. But they say comedy comes from pain, and if that’s even close to true, these funny Tweets about being single will take some of the sting out of any V-Day-related anguish you might be feeling. Now you don’t have to feel so bad about all that shower crying you’ve been doing.

1. The hopeful romantic

2. There’s nothing wrong with this!

3. The key to any relationship

4. All you see is couples.

5. Lonely, party of one.

6. Why should anyone else be happy?

7. That’s why they make love robots.

8. Fixed that for ya.

9. Get him to the burn ward.

10. Be happy with what you do have.

11. Even nature is against you.

12. The compatibility test

13. By the numbers

14. At least you’ll always know where your partner is.

15. And finally, Happy Valentine’s Day!

h/t: Bored Panda