Hopefully this goes without saying, but just in case it doesn’t: babies are great. They’re cute and cuddly and very well deserving of our love. Sure, raising a baby is a difficult endeavor, but that’s how it’s supposed to be. Getting frustrated about a baby is like getting mad about the wind. There’s nothing you can do to change either one. Embrace it!

But if you did want to air your grievances about a certain newborn, what would you say? That’s what Twitter user Charlily prompted her followers to do recently, and it turned into a full on baby roast. To all the babies out there, you aren’t able to read this yet, but you are officially ON BLAST.

It was all tongue-in-cheek, of course. These are jokes, and nobody meant them to be taken seriously. So if you’re still offended…don’t be such a baby. (Bored Panda)


1. Get a job!

Photo Credit: @homegworl

2. So many design flaws.

Photo Credit: @G0th_GirlClique

3. Do you need us to do everything for you?

Photo Credit: @candlelitttt

4. Oh, is your head too heavy? Weakling.

Photo Credit: @MartinPagon

5. Ever heard of communication skills?

Photo Credit: @lunga_lindo

6. You can’t trust ’em.

Photo Credit: @gulliver_trevor

7. There’s a reason nobody takes a baby to a bar.

Photo Credit: @Hustle_Scholar

8. When are they gonna release the Baby 2?

Photo Credit: @TheRookieGod1

9. Total freeloaders.

Photo Credit: @T_monster

10. Slow your roll, babies.

Photo Credit: @_QueenTM

11. What are you looking at?!

Photo Credit: @wanabeianconnor

12. Sensitive much?

Photo Credit: @LmwakaLl

13. They’re complete sleep hypocrites.

Photo Credit: @DColeworld

14. It needed to be said.

Photo Credit: @ItsYETTYjoor

15. They refuse to show any appreciation at live events.

Photo Credit: @wicky_mash



h/t: Bored Panda