The list of embarrassing things I’ve done in my life is long and painful.

I can sit around, beat myself up about them, and lose sleep, or I can choose to bury these incidents deep in my brain so I never have to deal with them ever again…yeah, I think that’s a good plan!

But that’s NOT what these folks did.

They decided to air their embarrassing mishaps on Twitter, of all places, and we’re here for it!

Let’s get the humiliation games started RIGHT NOW!


1. This is bad.

A HUGE humiliation.

2. Bad all around.

A day you’d like to forget.

3. You got ghosted.

In a pretty bad way.

4. That’s bad.

What a jerk.

5. Scarred for life.

Sorry about this…

6. This is a total mess.

I’m glad you got through it.

7. Captured on video.

Not a great look…

8. How embarrassing.

Got stabbed in the back.

9. You’re not my father!

Sorry about that!

10. I hope you brought it back to her.

I think she needs it.

11. Vacation is ruined.

Are you proud of yourself?

12. You p*ssed yourself.

What a major FAIL.

13. The things we do for love.

He sounds really smart, by the way.

What’s the most embarrassing thing YOU’VE ever done in your life?

Tell us all about it in the comments!

We won’t laugh at you or judge you…too much.