It takes some guts to go on any kind of social media and admit the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done IN YOUR WHOLE LIFE.

You don’t necessarily want to relive that moment (or moments) but you know sometimes it’s good to just get it off your chest so complete strangers like us can laugh at your mishaps.

And, thankfully, that’s exactly what these folks did!

And we’re all the better for it! Let’s take a look…and try not to be too judgmental, okay?

1. Oh, boy…

What is that?!?!

2. Be careful with those things.

Especially in Amsterdam.

3. I’m gonna be sick!

Look out below!

4. A token of his love.

Sounds like a classy guy.

5. A slap in the face.

That’s pretty bad.

6. Carry on…

They sound very professional.

7. You’ve shamed Dad.

Three times?

8. Might want to cover up.

Just a piece of friendly advice.

9. Are you in line?

That’s not good. At all.

10. Like this?

No…not like that…

11. Future rap star.

This is very humiliating. I’m not gonna lie.

12. Can I leave yet?

No…no, you can’t…

Okay, now it’s your turn.

In the comments, bare your souls to us and tell us about the really embarrassing things you’ve done in your life.

Let’s hear it!