People Acting Like Total Jerks on Public Transportation



As you probably know, riding public transportation is a crapshoot. You never really know who you’re going to encounter.

It could be a maniac preaching about the Apocalypse, the guy who tries to bring about 20 boxes on before the doors shut, or any number of colorful characters.

Or it could just be people acting like total jerks! Like these people!

1. Take as much space as you want!

People who sit like this on a crowded train from trashy

2. I’m really tired, okay?

Full train and people asking him to move but he was too *tired* to give them the seats from trashy

3. Total dirtbags.

People who leave a train like this: from mildlyinfuriating

4. That’s nice!

People who put gum on the usb ports of public transport from mildlyinfuriating

5. Seriously…who the hell would do this?


6. Ma’am, you’re not in your bathroom.

Doing some shaving in a train station from trashy

7. I live here now.

Not sure what was happening here, but I bailed at the next stop from pics

8. I just want you to be comfortable.

Nah it’s cool. I didn’t need to sit during my 50 minute commute. from mildlyinfuriating

9. This guy looks like a class act.

Melbs from straya

10. Just wait for the next one.

On subway. Doors closing. Young women in uggs holding Starbucks latte running to get on train. Inserts cup into door to hold doors open? Doors close. Drink exploded on everyone inside train. from nyc

11. That’s pretty ugly.

Has anyone else seen a subway in worse shape than this? This isn’t something that can become an acceptable norm. from nyc

12. What a d-bag.

This man taking up 5 seats on an England train on possibly the hottest day the UK has seen from trashy

13. So inconsiderate.

Bunch of luggage piled up on priority seats of a full train from trashy

14. An asshole move.

There are people standing on this train while this asshole takes up 2 seats. from mildlyinfuriating

15. Is he alive?

My cousin found this rare specimen on the Montreal subway today. from trashy

16. Time for a snooze.

This woman on an NYC subway taking a nap from trashy

Jeez…not cool, people. Not cool at all.

Have you had any annoying/interesting/insane experiences on the train/bus/trolley, etc.?

Share them with us in the comments, please!