I don’t know about you, but I could really go for a cold Dr. Gulpster right about now? Wait…Dr. Gulpster?

Yes, my friends. Rip-off and knock-off products are all around us and THERE IS NO ESCAPE.

But at least it makes for some good comedy, right?

Here are some hilarious examples that we think you’ll enjoy.

1. Get in on the fun!

2. I need to borrow your Skerple.

3. My favorite cartoon.

4. This is a mess.

5. The great state of…

6. Super Plumber Boy.

7. At least they’re not lying about it.

8. Chima…huh…

9. When you just need a break.

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10. A nice little mash-up.

11. Wow. Don’t know what to say about this one.

12. Sounds like an “adult” film.

13. There he is!

Man, those are good! And I’m impressed with the companies that actually have the guts to put these products out.

Have you seen any hilarious knock-off products lately?

Tell us about them or share a pic in the comments!