Who doesn’t love Paul Rudd? He’s just the best, isn’t he?

And he definitely seems to get better with age. Rudd was recently on the show Hot Ones and from one simple utterance – “Look at us. Hey, look at us.” – a new viral meme was born.

Let’s take a look at some really good examples.

1. Always a good feeling.

2. We made it!

3. New albums = Dropped.

4. That’s a huge accomplishment.

5. That didn’t work out according to plan.

6. Whoopsy daisy.

7. Let’s make it official.

8. Another milestone.

9. That’s a big relief.

10. Hahaha, never gets old.

Look at us!

What’s your favorite “Hey, look at us” meme that’s floating around social media right now?

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