Parents: These Tweets Might Make You Laugh…And Cry


Parents, parents, parents. You have a tough job, and we take off our hats to you.

We also understand that you probably get a little (just a little…) fed up from time to time due to how much your little angels drive you up the wall.

So let’s enjoy some funny/painful tweets that should look familiar to all parents out there…let me know if you need a tissue…

1. Sick burn by Mom!

2. Not gonna happen.

3. Or where I am…

4. Don’t do it!

5. Thank you for that.

6. You showed them!

7. You’re doing great!

8. That’s not what I meant.

9. A slowwwww burn.


11. You made a huge mistake.

12. Gee, thanks a lot.

13. Something totally different…

14. Yes, it is.

15. Now it makes sense.

Parents…do these tweets look accurate, or what?

Do us a favor: share a funny or painful anecdote about your kiddos in the comments below!