If you have an iPhone, you know the drill. There are a lot of quirks and things that you know you’ll have to deal with…but you still love that little piece of machinery, don’t you?

Yes, you do! And I do, too!

So let’s enjoy these tweets about iPhones and be glad we can own them…even if they do drive us crazy sometimes…

1. It’s me!

2. Get ready for it.


3. What is happening here?

4. This is all of us.

5. No change, really…

6. Let’s mess with them a little.

7. This isn’t working out so well.

8. Same with “Judy” for “just”.

9. There’s a system here, okay?


10. That’s how I live my life.

11. Hey, we all do it.

12. No need for that.

13. Maybe both at once?

14. Here we go again…


15. A constant struggle…

Is it time to switch over to an Android?

Not yet…but let’s see what happens…