Parents, These Funny Tweets About ‘Screen Time’ Will Probably Look Familiar

(C)Flickr,Peter Merholz


I feel like the only topic I hear parents talk about these days is “screen time.” I can’t seem to escape it for some reason.

Limiting screen time, extending screen time, it never ends!

In the spirit of SCREEN TIME, let’s look at these funny tweets…

1. Sure…

2. Not gonna happen, friends.

3. Don’t bother me anymore.

4. Great job.

5. Can’t get away from it.

6. Changed pretty quickly on that one.

7. You’re lying!

8. A different kind of screen.

9. Cat enforcer.

10. Don’t torture yourself.

11. The choice is yours.

12. Didn’t even bother looking.

13. A serious threat.

14. Definitely the better option.

15. That’s why she’s doing it…

Moms and dads out there, how do you deal with screen time for your little ones?

Tell us your methods and tips in the comments so we can all compare notes.