Lady and the Tramp was released last month on Disney+ and people are really big fans of the updated, live-action version of the classic film.

By all accounts, a lot of people are pretty into this new version and are sounding off on Twitter about the film.

Enjoy these tweets!

1. Here come the waterworks.

2. The big stars.

3. Good dogs!

4. No spoilers!

5. Is that really true?

6. Hahahaha.

7. A good lesson.

8. Now I’m scared.

9. Lookin’ sharp.

10. Really into it.

11. More crying…

12. Now you believe in love.

13. Just like that.

14. Very emotional.

15. That’s a bold tweet.

Have you seen the movie yet? Did you love it? Did you cry your eyes out?

Tell us about it in the comments!