Oh, boy…here come the waterworks.

And by that I mean kiddos having total meltdowns for…well, you know…kid reasons. It’s just part of being a mom or a dad.

Parents tweeted about the funny reasons why their kids were crying…

Let’s take a look.

1. How could you?!?!

2. Those aren’t good for you.

3. Just let him have one!

4. She’s not old enough yet?

5. Was it the last one?

6. Worst day EVER.

7. She wants it back.


8. That bag was important.

9. That’s dangerous stuff.

10. Don’t you dare…

11. Not a good idea.

12. Very upsetting.

13. Whyyyy? Whyyyyyyyyyy?

Parents, do any of these tweets look familiar to you?

Well, tell us all about it!

In the comments, please share stories with us about when your kids had meltdowns for ridiculous reasons.