Marriage is a constant give-and-take and the couples that get it right realize that you just have to roll with the punches sometimes if you want to keep your partner happy.

Guys, I’m looking at you.

You might want to take a page or two out of the playbooks of these fellas, because they seem to be doing it the right way.

Or at the very least, the funny way.


1. There’s no escape.

2. Not our problem!

3. Go take a look…

4. Oh, there is.

5. Thanks for the vote of confidence.

6. Don’t question these rules.

7. This is great.

8. You’re dead wrong.

9. Might as well just keep your mouth shut.

10. That’s why.

11. Get ‘er done.

12. You’re not worthy of those towels.

13. It’s a wonderful life.

14. Well, it’s quite a story…

15. Not my turn right now.

Are these guys speaking the truth, or what?

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How do you stay sane and make sure your significant other is happy? Oh, and you need to be happy, too…I almost forgot about that…

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