If you’re anywhere near as awkward as I am, these memes will strike a chord with you. Share them with someone else in your life who’s awkward like you. Unless you think that would be too awkward? Yeah, you’re right… what was I thinking?

1. You can’t brush that one away.

2. Neat.

3. Welp. Bye, now.

4. “I’ll just roll on out of here.”

5. We’d like to classify this feeling as “the worst.”

6. Does that count as an objection?

Photo Credit: Instagram: @miinute

7. Give me your worst, doc.

Photo Credit: Instagram: @c0r_uh77


9. Too far?

10. Can I sit this one out, coach?

11. This don’t hurt at all…

12. Checks out.

h/t: BuzzFeed