Parents everywhere know that glitter is basically the Antichrist, but guess what? Now science is behind us because glitter is a microplastic – and apparently, that’s pretty bad for the environment.

Microplastics are defined as small pieces of plastic that present a significant danger to marine environments, in particular. According to the EPA, microplastics and microbeads like those found in glitter are small enough to slip through wastewater treatment facilities and into oceans and other marine environments. They’re also small enough to be easily ingested by a wide range of animals.

For those reasons, there is a push to ban glitter, along with other microplastics.

Recent studies show that ingesting microplastics can have several detrimental effects on marine life, including a slow growth rate.

“Microplastics exposure could be detrimental to marine organisms especially under high concentrations,” comments Abby Lo Hau Kwan, a Ph.D. student and co-author of the study.

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The good news – or bad news, sorry parents – is that many companies do offer alternatives that are eco-friendly and biodegradable and free of microplastics.

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So, if you can’t live without glitter in your art, crafts, or makeup just make sure you make good choices the next time you pick some up!